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Stickers and Labels

What is the difference between stickers and labels?

We make the distinction between the two because of the way they are produced. See descriptions below.

Stickers: We call them bumper stickers only because that term is recognised as outdoor stickers. They can be used in any situation. The bumper stickers are very durable with the printing in between white synthetic label stock and a gloss clear lamination. This will give you the highest quality sticker. Visit Bumper Stickers page.

Labels: Self-adhesive labels that we offer are produced on an A4 sheet or on rolls. We offer the widest range of label shapes and label stocks. If we have not listed the shape of label stock you require, please ask, as we have a many other options available. Visit Custom Printed Labels page.

What makes your bumper stickers better than others?

We supply a durable synthetic label with high resolution, full colour printing covered with clear gloss lamination. The protective lamination covers the print which gives extra durability.

What if I want a custom size or shape?

For squares and rectangles with square corners there is no difference in cost to a similar size sticker. For stickers that are a special shape, there is a one off cost for the die that will cut the shape.

What is the minimum quantity of stickers and labels?

We can produce any quantity that you require. If you want bumper sticker with lamination, minimum number is 250 stickers.

Can you screen print stickers and signs?

Yes we can screen print most things, but not clothing. Some people give us their material for us to screen print. We can print small or large quantities.

Can you print bumper stickers on other materials other than vinyl?

Yes we can print on high quality polyester with or without a gloss clear lamination.

What range of paper and clear labels do you offer?

We offer the world's largest range of shapes and materials. The range is a lot wider range than listed. Please ask us for more information. The art work required may have a bearing on the label shape. With over 183 different shapes, each shape available in over 60 different label stocks and colours, we believe we can supply almost any requirement you may have. If we know the application or environment the label is going to be used in, we can give you a clearer direction as to which is the best label stock to use.

How large a sticker can you produce?

We can produce a sticker with any shape up to 600mm by 1 metre. We can also product large stickers without special shape 600mm wide and as long as you require.

Can you do window stickers that can be read through glass?

We can produce window stickers with or without white backing that can be read through glass. We can also produce stickers that can be read two ways. Conditions apply.



Do you charge for art work?

Artwork setup is FREE, but we do charge for design of art work. We allow for 3 free proof checks, after that we charge $15 per proof check. We can design logos or other creative images charged at an hourly rate. Our graphic team is very quick and efficient.

Do you charge for additional colours?

No additional cost for bumper stickers and labels as all stickers are printed full colour. There are additional costs when screen printing additional colours. If you require a special PMS colour, we can screen print that colour and the cost would be at a screen print price. If it is a paper label we can print PMS colours, conditions apply.

What are the guidelines for submitting artwork?

Full guidelines for submitting artwork can be found on the Artwork page. Normally you submit artwork to us after ordering.

Can you guarantee colour matching?

Although we endeavour to reproduce specific colours, exact colour matching cannot be guaranteed due to variations in screen colour settings. With the exception of screen print, all colours for labels and outdoor stickers are converted to CMYK by default in our full-colour printing process. For more details on artwork specifications, please visit the Artwork page.



How long will it take to get my stickers and labels?

As soon as you approve the artwork and payment is received, production can begin.
For bumper stickers, production is 10-12 business days after approval of artwork and payment received.
For paper labels on A4 sheets, production is 2-3 working days after approval of artwork and payment received.
For all clear product labels, production is 3-5 working days after approval of artwork and payment received.
For one colour labels on rolls, production is 3-5 working days after approval of artwork and payment received.
For UV printed vinyl stickers, production is 5-7 working days after approval of artwork and payment received.
After production, shipping can take 3-5 days.



How much is delivery?

The price of delivery depends on many variables such as the product type you are ordering and the quantity, as well as where in Australia it needs to be delivered to. For blank labels, simply add your products to the cart and click the "Estimate Shipping" button. For custom printed products, please contact us for more a quote for your specific requirements.

How are orders delivered?

Orders are delivered by Australia Post or a courier. This will depend on your order and location.


Payment Process

When do I pay for my stickers?

Payment details are finalised once you have approved your artwork. The payment needs to be finalised before we print your stickers.

What payment options do you offer?

Our payment options are credit card, direct deposit and cheque. Please make cheques payable to - Power2Print