Pre-cut A4 self-adhesive labels. With over 11,000 options available, we cater for just about every need. Custom Blank Labels available in over 70 different stock types including Paper Stocks, Synthetic Stocks and various Colours.

We supply the world’s largest range of labels on A4 sheets with over 183 different shapes to choose from and each shape is available in more than 70 different label stocks or colours. This saves you the cost of dies and gives you a quick turnaround.


To see label stock options including colour and material options, as well as recommended uses and suitable print methods for different stocks, click here.

Select A4 label shape and size

Die Number:

Label Shape Top/Bottom Margin
Side Margin(s)
Label Width
Label Height
Horizontal Pitch
Vertical Pitch
Number Across
Number Down
Total Labels
Paper Size

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— Caution

— Suitable for most artwork

70mm x 70mm - 12 labels per sheet
65mm x 65mm - 12 labels per sheet
50mm x 50mm - 20 labels per sheet
38mm x 38mm - 35 labels per sheet
30mm x 30mm - 48 labels per sheet
20mm x 20mm - 126 labels per sheet
50mm x 50mm - 15 labels per sheet
33mm x 33mm - 40 labels per sheet
80mm x 80mm - 6 labels per sheet
25mm x 25mm - 70 labels per sheet
88mm x 88mm - 6 labels per sheet
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