One Colour Labels on Rolls

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    • One Colour Labels on Rolls

    We can print DVD labels, name and address labels as well as labels with variable information or barcodes.

    We have 24 different shapes to choose from. Each shape is available in matt and gloss white paper, 5 fluorescent colours (green, yellow, red, orange and pink), and matt white synthetic labels.

    Rectangles Squares

    40 x 20mm
    43 x 15mm
    45 x 26mm
    45 x 39mm
    50 x 30mm
    50 x 45mm
    51 x 34mm

    55 x 50mm
    60 x 23mm
    80 x 45mm
    80 x 48mm
    84 x 39mm
    97 x 34mm
    100 x 30mm

    23 x 23mm
    26 x 26mm

    Circles Other

    16mm dia
    25mm dia
    27mm dia
    35mm dia
    46mm dia

    45 x 25mm Oval
    25 x 25 x 35mm Triangle
    35mm dia Donut


    Important Notes:
    Production takes 3-5 business days after artwork approval and payment received.
    For custom sizes, shapes or stocks please contact us.

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