Multipage Booklets, Catalogues, Magazines, etc.

We can produce your books, catalogues, magazines. They can be stapled, plastic comb bound, wire bound, perfect bound or spiral bound.

  • We can give you 3 different quantity quotes.
  • We can print short or long runs of your high quality publications. You will be proud of what we can print for you.

  • Include how many printed pages you require. One page = one side of a leaf or sheet of paper. One leaf = 2 pages.
  • What size is it when open and when closed.
  • Self-cover - No difference in stock

    Plus cover - Heavier stock

    Include the thickness or weight of the paper. Light 200gsm - Medium 250gsm - Heavy 300gsm.

  • Such as matt or gloss. Include the thickness or weight of the paper. For example, 90gsm, 128gsm or 150gsm.

    Samples of paper available free on request.

  • Such as a varnished or laminated cover. More information helps us to give you a more accurate quote.